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n the right you can see the picture of the weather forecasts for the entire cuba and the caribbean. this map is updated every 12hours and represents the real time weather conditions in cuba. we are working to place a text forecasts in the future. If you click on the map you will see a larger view of the forecast map in cuba.

There is also a satellite map, this satellite map of cuba is updated every 6 hours and represents the real time pictures of the cuban weather condition taken from a satellite. if you click on the image you will see a larger image of the cuba satellite picture and if you click in the text link you will see an animated picture of the weather conditios in 6 hours.
6 hours Animated View
require flash
The next pictures represents the weather forecasts in cuba in the diferents major cities
Pinar de Rio
Weather Forecasts
Weather Forecasts
Weather Forecasts
Santa Clara
Weather Forecasts
Weather Forecasts
Santiago de Cuba
Weather Forecasts

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