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ourist visas for anyone, American or not, as long as you were not born in Cuba or are not visiting Cuban relatives, are easy to obtain and come as a part of your travel package when you buy your ticket. Visas for journalists and researchers declared as such are a separate matter and require an application to the Cuban Consulate in your country (Washington, DC for the US). Cuban Americans born in Cuba also need to get special permission as they are viewed with somewhat more suspicion and have to be checked out.. see Cuban Interests Section.When arriving to Cuba visitors should possess a valid passport or a trip document stating their names and the corresponding visa or Tourist Card.


Casa Albertina

Budget Accommodation
in Vedado, Havana

Hotel Nacional

Recomended Hotel
in Havana

The countries which have Visa Free Agreements with Cuba are excepted. Tourist Cards can be requested at the Cuban consular representations and also in travel agencies and airlines.

They are of two types: for individual tourists or for tourists traveling in groups. Businessmen, journalists coming to work and Cuban born citizens, non-residents or having another nationality, must request a visa from their local Cuban Embassy.

Be sure to understand some essentials of Cuban law.

You will need to have a hotel room or private accommodation arranged in Cuba before you get there (All the rooms, apartments and houses we offer are legally authorized by OnAT for being rented to foreign tourists), or at least have one to declare to Immigration when you arrive. Cuban citizens can be fined $1,000 (a fortune in Cuba) for having a foreigner as an overnight guest if they themselves don't get permission from immigration or pay from $250 to 350/month or more for a license to do this on a commercial basis.

The requirements and documents required by the Cuban immigration authorities for those who wish to visit the country are the following:

. Valid passport or equivalent document which should be valid longer than the time the person will stay in Cuba.
. Visa ("Tourist Card"). Entry in Cuba will be registered with a stamp on the "Tourist Card", not on the passport.
. Embarcation- disembarcation card for citizens from countries with which Cuba has signed a visa exemption agreement.
. To declare his/her whereabouts while in Cuba, at the frontier control.
. Return or continuation ticket.
. Economic solvency.

. Valid passport or equivalent document.
. Visa.
. Embarcation- disembarcation card.
. Return or continuation ticket.

. Valid passport or equivalent document.
. Visa, should his/her stay exceed 72 hours.
. Confirmed hotel reservation.
. Confirmed ticket for the itinerary to continue travel.
. Economic solvency.

* Valid passport.
* Visa.
* Round or continuation ticket.

US residents are not consigned their entrance in Cuba.

This is the picture we could get from a tourist card, unfortunately is really poor quality so you wont be able to read the fields on the card. We will scan a new one and replace this picture.


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