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ravel to Cuba can be the experience of a lifetime! If you are interested in visiting, you should take a look at what others have to say about their trips. Not everyone is allowed to travel to Cuba. Some Americans must face U.S. Government travel restrictions but citizens from other countries can travel freely. Cuba has a culture all its own. Travelers will find unique food and many options for nightly entertainment.


Casa Albertina

Budget Accommodation
in Vedado, Havana

Hotel Nacional

Recomended Hotel
in Havana
In this section ("Travel info") you will find information about travel to Cuba from USA and how to obtain the visa to enter in cuba. There is also information about cuban custom regulations for prohibited items and regulated items, regarding credit cards you will find info about ATMs and information about the cuban money as well as all information regarding the transportation in cuba such as trains , busses, how and where to rent a car or the taxi prices.
There are sports and recreational activities everywhere in Cuba, they range from an excellent baseball league to scuba diving.There are also a variety of attractions you shouldn't miss in Cuba. Historical sites, museums, and very nice colonial buildings are everywhere.

In Cuba you will find the best cigars of the world and the most beautiful beaches. a lot of reserves of the biosphere makes Cuba also a very nice destination for the people that are looking for natural environment in the travel Cuba and the people is exceptional, friendly and peaceful making Cuba one of the most save destination in the world
How to get around Cuba??
Regular scheduled and charter flights run by the national airline companies reach the far-flung corners of the Cuba archipelago where 20 airports are in operation.

The size of the country and its extensive road network enables visitors to travel by car, bus or taxi to any province on the Autopista Nacional (national motorway), the Carretera Central (central highway) or along other communication routes.

As for transport by rail, Ferrocarriles de Cuba, the first company of its kind in Latin America and the sixth in the world, links all of the provinces to the capital.

By bus Viazul connecting all major cities. By car, the majority of travel agencies offer flexy fly and drive packages, with a vehicle and even in some cases a cell phone included. It is also possible to travel the country in campers, or join up with cycle tours to get around.

Tourist assistance:
These services are guaranteed by the company ASISTUR, which is represented in all of the main tourist resorts in the country and has an Emergency Center that operates the whole year round tel: (53-7) 88-35 Havana.

How to pay:
In cash convertible pesos, or using a credit card (non american issued cards), or others issued in the country (BFI and RED cards), as well as travelers´ cheques and vouchers. More Information



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