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Private Car/Taxi :
In a group this can actually be cheaper than everyone paying the bus or train fare in dollars. Fares are generally 2-3 times the dollar bus/train price (can vary because sometimes bus prices aren’t real logical) and are always negotiable. If you aren’t traveling with a group, you can just go to the bus station and talk to the taxi drivers who congregate out front. Insist on waiting for other passengers to fill up the car, as they’ll share the cost and pay the same as you, whether they’re Cuban or foreigners. Private taxis abound, but is illegal to carry foreign turists, so if you do take one around town, you should ride in the front, act like friends, and if asked, say the driver is a friend of the family.

Havana’s about the only city that you need to consider taking taxis to get around. They generally ask for $3 for a trip around town, but you should be able to find transport for 25 pesos. Cars will find you, honk, and offer to take you. Just tell them "I’ll pay 20 pesos to ______ (destination)" and, if they turn you down, try the next taxi until someone accepts. that is what cubans pay..


Casa Albertina

Budget Accommodation
in Vedado, Havana

Coco- Taxi :
These little yellow vehicles are known as “coco-taxis”. They are in Varadero town and Havana. They look slow but actually they go very fast. They serve as taxi transportation and you can catch them from the city or your hotel.... at lest they look fun and the prices vary but always are less than 10 cuc.
If you want another way to travel, you can use the coco cabs. These are orange . They are fast, fun and cheaper than a cab. You can negociate your price.

Regular cabs:
A good service of taxis exists in all tourist destinations and main cities to quite economic prices, the rates begin in 0.50 dollars per km in dependence of the company (Panataxi is maybe the but economic) but in long trips can remember deal the price previously with the chauffeur to achieve a reduction of the cost. They also exist private taxis that possibly can be but economic in exchange for sacrificing the comfort a little, but it is generally necessary to agree the price previously. Against the majority opinion I don't find that in short trips inside a city are more economic that the taxis of state companies, but it's more uncomfortable almost always.

Illegal Cabs:
Illegal cabs driven by freelance chauffeurs are everywhere too. Most are beat-up Ladas or American jalopies. You'll find freelance driver guides outside the largest tourist hotels, and outside discos late at night. Fares are negotiable and you often can hire a car and driver for the whole day for US $20. But you'll usually pay end up paying more than you would in a tourist taxi. Educate yourself about turistaxi fares to your destination beforehand, as many drivers attempt to gouge you. Beware scams.



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