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The Hurricanes season is from June 1st till November 30th

There are NO active hurricanes or warnings for the next weeks

Hurricanes are cyclones that develop over the warm tropical oceans and have sustained winds in excess of 64 knots (74 miles/hour). These storms are capable of producing dangerous winds, torrential rains and flooding, all of which may result in tremendous property damage and loss of life in coastal populations.
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The hurricanes in cuba are an often fact and cubans don't afraid hurricanes but take all the precautions. The most important thing is to know what to do in case you are in cuba when a hurricane is passing.

During the Hurricane, you should:

Be calm! Your ability to act logically is very important.
Stay inside. Do not go outside unless it is absolutely necessary
Stay away from windows and doors even if they are covered. A windowless or interior room or hallway is usually the safest.
Listen to the radio for information.
If you are in a two-storey house, stay on the first floor.
If you are in a multiple-storey building, take refuge on the first or second floors. Interior stairwells and areas around elevator shafts are usually the strongest part of a building.
If your house shows signs of breaking up, stay under a table or stand under a door frame.
Do not go outside during the calm when the eye of the hurricane is passing, the winds will come back in minutes.

Other important point is what to buy before the hurricane passes. here is an small list of what you should buy.

Hurricanes supply list:

--- Water, enough to last 2 weeks .

Foods that do not require cooking such as bread, canned or salted fish and meat, packaged oats , biscuits and crackers, condensed or powdered milk, cereals , Sugar and Salt.

Battery-operated radio with extra batteries.
Matches and candles, Hurricane lamps, if possible Flashlights
First Aid Kit: petroleum jelly, aspirin, eye wash, bandages, cotton.
diarrhea medication, antacid , laxative
Tissue, soap, sanitary napkins , mosquito repellent
Can opener ,Large plastic trash bags ,Containers for water and fuel, storage ,Coal or oil stove, barbeque grill ,Cooking utensils Portable cooler

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