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Import and export of the following items is prohibited:
  • Drugs and stupefacients
  • Explosives
  • Objects, photographs,literature and/ or any other pornographic article or items attempting against good manners
  • Any item - including literature- attempting against the security and internal order of the country. (nothing against the regimen and/or Fidel Castro)

Casa Albertina

Budget Accommodation
in Vedado, Havana

Hotel Nacional

Recomended Hotel
in Havana
  • Animals, plants and their parts listed on anex #1 of thte C.I.T.E.S. convention(related to endangered and protected species)

Notwithstanding the administrative measures applicable in each case, persons pretending to import or export any of the above listed articles shall be liable to the corresponding penal responsabilities.

Import by travelers of the following items is prohibited:

  • Wireless telephones.
  • Wireless microphones
  • Video equipments of all types, notwithstanding the country of manufacture or brand, including those produced and sold in the market as built-in accesories for other equipments (VCR, DVD, etc.) Shall be exempted from this prohibition foreign diplomatic personnel, Cuban officials having stayed abroad for over a year, as well as individuals authorized to import household ménage.
  • Freezers of more than seven cubic feet of capacity.
  • Air conditioners.
  • Electric kitchens and furnaces - of all types, models and capacities.
  • Electric ovens - of all types, models and capacities, including micro waves.
  • Electric showers - of all types, models and capacities
  • Electric fryers - of all types, models and capacities.
  • Electric water heaters.
  • Electric irons without sprinkler consuming over 290 watts/hour or electric irons with sprinkler consuming over 703 watts/hour.
  • Electric bread toasters.
  • Electric resistances for irons, furnaces, water heaters, etc.


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